KOFATERM INDOOR PASTE is a thermal reflective paste designed for indoor use. Its main task is to reflect over 90% of thermal waves off the walls, improve the convection of air masses inside a room and create a comfortable thermal environment. Applying KOFATERM INDOOR PASTE raises the indoor temperature by approximately 7°C (44.6°F) without a need to increase the temperature of the heat source (e.g., radiator), which reduces the demand for heating energy and results in savings of up to 40%.
Additionally, the coating has excellent water vapor permeability which directly affects the process of drying the wall and thus increases thermal resistance. Furthermore, our paint significantly eliminates micro-cracks on the wall surface as well as thermal bridges which prevents condensation of water vapor and the formation of mold, fungi, and algae.

KOFATERM INDOOR PASTE can be applied easily with a trowel for smoothing gypsum walls, a roller for structural plasters, or by spraying with structural plastering machines. When applied properly the finished layer will be 0.8-1.2 mm (0.03-0.05 inches) thick and will be achieved in a single application without the need for additional touch-ups. Ease of use translates directly to time and cost savings which are crucial in the construction process. This thickness is essential to achieve maximum thermal reflective and thermal insulation properties and to ensure the product’s full functionality and efficiency. The high adhesion ensures a very good connection to all concrete, gypsum, and wooden surfaces.

Thanks to its properties our paste can be used in residential houses, apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels, offices, public institutions, production halls, garages, the food industry, animal husbandry, and many other structures. KOFATERM INDOOR PASTE is a unique material that allows the thermal modernization of historical objects under conservation protection. It can also be tinted with emulsion paint pigments and is resistant to UV radiation.


TÜV certificate
Hygienic certificate PZH